exotic cats for sale,exotic cats for sale

Breed Characteristics(exotic cats for sale)

exotic cats for saleThe Savannah kittens for sale is an active exotic cats for sale, confident cat who enjoys interacting with people and other cats. Intelligent and curious, he is always looking for something interesting to do, the more adventurous the better. Provide him with plenty of tough, sturdy toys and frequent play times, or you will probably discover that he can be quite destructive.

He bonds strongly to his family and makes every effort to be with them, including learning to walk on leash or retrieve toys. When he’s not displaying his affection by giving a few headbutts, he might be seeking out water to play in. This is a happy, entertaining cat who does best with a person who will enjoy playing and interacting with him. When raised with them, he can get along well with kids, other cats and friendly dogs.

The Savannah’s short coat is easy to groom with weekly brushing or combing. Trim the nails and clean the ears as needed, and don’t forget to brush the teeth.

Other Quick Facts about Savannah cat for sale cheap

  • The Savannah (exotic cats for sale) has a long body with long legs, but he’s about the same size as any other large domestic cat. Buy Savannah cat for sale Florida from us, just contact and you will be contacted immediately with pictures and videso.
  • The F2 Savannah cat for sale is a spotted cat with bold, solid, dark-brown to black spots that can be round, oval or elongated. A series of parallel stripes fan out slightly over the back, and the spotting pattern follows the line of the stripes from the shoulders and continues the length of the body. Smaller spots cover the face, legs and feet.
  • A Savannah kittens for sale can be black, brown spotted tabby, black silver spotted tabby or black smoke. Black Savannah are solid black but may have faint “ghost spots” that can be seen beneath the black color. Savannah cat for sale florida from us today.

The History of the F2 Savannah cat for sale

A kitten sired by a serval (a small African wild cat) on a female domestic cat in 1986 was the beginning of the Savannah as a breed. This first-generation cross was named Savannah, and when breeder Patrick Kelly heard about her, he decided to create a new breed. Kelly and fellow breeder Joyce Sroufe began a breeding program and wrote a standard for the new cats.

The Savannah was recognized as a breed by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2012.