• About Us

    Welcome to Danfo Kittens Cattery! Here, you ca ready and get to know about us. Our Savannah cat sale are raised as part of our family, where they receive lots of love and attention, are free to roam around our home as well as a completely safe backyard enclosure. We are cage free cattery. We have dogs, cats, and run a typical busy household. All of our kittens and cats for sale become part of our family and are well socialized before they leave for their new homes. We are located in Leonard,ND but we ship world wide.

  • Our breeding Savannah cat sale are all tested and vaccinated against standard diseases and risk factors or genetic carriers thats what is great about us. We don't do cat shows but support our fellow breeders in the cat ring (it's just not for us) - in fact some of our cats come from championship lines (and for those who have shared them with us we are grateful!) and we fully support the TICA standards for cat breeds such as pixiebobs, chausies, bengals and other registries as well. We believe in breeding healthy, happy, loving cats that will make ideal pet companions! We welcome visits to our cattery by appointment only (exotic cats Canada).

  • We feed and recommend feeding a raw diet and our friends at Simply Rawsome have made it easy to get 100% of your kittens dietary needs. Get in touch with them to find out more and tell them we sent you! Chausies specifically do incredibly well on a raw diet. If raw isn't possible (and we understand it just doesn't work for everyone) then we absolutely recommend Lifes Abundance which is hands down the best commercially available cat food available. Follow our Facebook page the Healthy Pet Market for more info on comparing Lifes Abundance to other top brands like Royal Canin. We couldn't believe the difference it made in our cats who don't do raw. For those clients who choose to keep their cats on Lifes Abundace we also offer free food as a thank you!

  • savannah cat for sale florida. All of our Savannah cat sale and kittens available are shown on this page. This page is updated daily proving we are the Best Savannah breeder.